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Quality Learning Options

  • Choose the program that is best for supporting your child's scholastic success
  • Teach your children at home, online, or in person (Montessori option)
  • Take advantage of parent-driven enrichment classes and our extensive vendor list

Strong Partnerships & Support

  • Free, publicly-funded charter school with no tuition fees
  • Strong partnering with a credentialed Supervising Teacher to ensure your child's needs are being met
  • Parent Educator Mentors to help provide you support with strategies, trainings, and enrichment opportunities

Caring Connections

  • Get help teaching specific subjects and working with different learning styles
  • Connect with other families for study trips, meet-ups, small group classes and enrichment events
  • Benefit from our nearly 30-year history, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation, and our A-G approved courses for CSU/UC eligibility

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Horizon Charter Schools is WASC accredited through June 30, 2024, certifying that the school is a trustworthy institution, validating the integrity of Horizon’s educational programs, and fulfilling a requirement as a CSU/UC approved school for A-G courses. Learn more about WASC.

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March 31, 2022

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What People Are Saying

Real thoughts about our charter experience.

Kristi K.

Our daughter, Hannah, is in 10th grade and has been attending Horizon since 5th grade. Hanna's goal is to become a professional rider and trainer, competing at the Grand Prix level. Attending Horizon has allowed her to be able to maintain a rigorous riding and training schedule that a traditional school schedule would not allow.

Gayle A.

Grandparent of Horizon Student
We  appreciate how thoughtful, caring, and responsive the teachers and staff are at Horizon and it has meant so much to us to have that support...Your caring and patience reflect how much your top priority is for students to learn. Once again, thank you! We have been very  happy with Horizon Charter and the attention the teachers give their students. I want you to know how much you, especially, are appreciated for your expertise and awesome student rapport.

Chirya T.

We have had nothing but a great experience. (My student) is a child with special needs, and IEP and everything has been accommodated that he needed. When there has been a problem the teachers have been more than happy to talk with me and adjust what needed to be adjusted. My son will be graduating early with AP courses and doing dual enrollment at Sierra College next year his Junior year. We have experienced public school system and another charter and by far Horizon has been the best experience for us. He has become more social, self-confident, and a happier student at Horizon.

Dylan D.

Former Student
Couldn't of asked for a better school to go through in my younger years. Really helpful and pushed me to my limits with still enjoying school.

Diane S.

I am happy to say that Horizons was a perfect choice my 6th grader. He had several bad experiences (at his previous school), including teacher bullying, and his teacher at Horizons made him feel comfortable and gave him faith in teachers once again. He graduated his program at a high level and had his self esteem returned. I am re-enrolling my son for his Junior and Senior year at Horizons again, because it seems to be the best choice for our son and our family situation.

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