Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Education Program at Horizon Charter Schools

Insights from a Horizon Charter Schools parent


With so many educational options, how do you know which is right for your child and your family?  As a Horizon parent, I had many of the same questions you probably have right now: Will home study be the right fit for my child? Are there benefits to virtual learning? Will I have support with independent study, or am I left on my own?

Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision:


1-Horizon Charter Schools is tried, true, and TRUSTED

In response to a growing population of parents seeking an active role in their children’s education, Horizon Charter Schools (HCS) began as a public independent study program 30 years ago, and they have always remained true to our roots. That’s why their main focus continues to be supporting and expanding independent study teaching programs and educational opportunities for families.


2- Independent Study: With Horizon’s independent study program, students receive more assistance from a credentialed teacher

 Sometimes parents and students need extra support from a credentialed teacher to aid with student instruction. The Independent Study option is especially good for students struggling in school or needing a more flexible schedule.


3- Home Study: You can be the best parent educator possible, with loads of support

Supported Home Study allows families to explore their unique interests through lessons, activities, classes, and study trips. You choose how your children learn and are actively involved in lesson planning, day-to-day instruction, and correcting assignments. You do this on a schedule that works best for your family. Lessons can be conducted at home, a park, a library, a doctor’s office, or even on vacation. This type of schooling allows families to spend more time together growing, learning, and bonding and lets students pursue their interests.


4- Virtual Learning: Online educational courses for high school students prepare them for the future

With distance classes, the focus is on learning through modern technology with the goal of producing students who are better prepared to enter the workforce and ready to participate as collaborators, innovators, and communicators. High school students can take some or all of their classes through distance learning options to prepare students for their future and provide greater flexibility in their schedules. Today’s students are used to getting a lot of their information from the web and interacting with their peers and mentors online. Thus, this type of learning is very natural for most of our older students.  In addition, virtual learning affords more flexibility, allowing your child to work at their own pace and level, at a time, and in a place that best fits everyone’s schedule.

HCS is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited public charter school, which means families who choose virtual learning options still receive quality, personalized learning experiences that meet or exceed California’s educational standards. We provide A-G approved courses that satisfy California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) eligibility requirements for high school students planning to enter the CSU or UC system.


5- All of Horizon’s learning options provide varied, dynamic, and personalized instruction that reflects the diversity of each student. 

Your child will also receive plenty of interaction with instructors and other students. We have Art in the Park days for the younger students, and for our older students, HCS has fun activities like clubs, college tours and social meet ups.  

When you choose Horizon Charter Schools, you will join the over 1,000 students and families who have decided to put their child and family first–and a school that supports that choice. They’ll be there to support you and your child every step of the way.