Grades 9-12

You have a team of people to support you.


  • Counseling Department: Counselors review each student’s transcript and create a personalized course plan in coordination with the student/family and the Supervising Teacher for each student. They are available to help with college and career planning throughout their high school career. 
  • Supervising Teachers:  STs work with students to choose their preferred learning path, order curriculum, collect and assess work, and monitor their student’s progress in all coursework and in their course plan. STs also meet with students and families regularly to collect student work samples. If a student experiences challenges, the ST will work with the student and family to find a meaningful path ahead.
  • HQTs (Highly Qualified Teachers) are instructors that have a degree within their content area. They teach the virtual courses and oversee the ODL (on-demand learning) classes. They also provide supplementary support as needed.
Counselors provide a multitude of ways to help students experience success in High School. Here are some of the ways that they can help.
  • Course Selection                                                   
  • Understanding College/Career options and developing personalized course plans
  • Exploring Dual Enrollment course options to earn college credit while in high school
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Explain and support Scholarships and the Financial Aid application process
  • Personal concerns and much more!



Counselors are available for appointments via Zoom or in person. Alternatively, drop-in office hours are Monday through Thursday from 4-4:30 pm via the Zoom links available on the Counseling Department Hub page or can be contacted directly by email or phone if preferred.


Counseling Department

Virtual Learning Instruction
  • Synchronous Instruction.
  • Weekly Class Schedule (2-3 days per week).
  • Instruction and material provided by an HCS Highly Qualified Teacher in an online setting.
  • Includes weekly discussion activities, digital assignments, and offline “home” work.
  • Supervising Teacher monitors progress and provides additional support as needed.
  • Families ensure students are completing and submitting assignments.
On-Demand Learning
  • Asynchronous Instruction.
  • On Demand, flexibility.
  • Daily Digital Lessons.
  • HCS Highly Qualified Teacher provides weekly instructional support.
  • Includes weekly discussion activities and offline “home” work.
  • Supervising Teacher monitors progress and provides additional support as needed.
  • Families ensure students are completing and submitting assignments.
Alternative Learning
  • Dual Enrollment in a Community College Course with a College Instructor.
  • CTE:  Career and Technical Education Courses and Pathways provided by a qualified educational partner.
  • Vendor Facilitated: Online course, Teachers are credentialed Edgenuity instructors.
  • Basic course options as approved by a HCS Team.
  • Practical courses for eligible students with an IEP and as approved by both Special Education and Counselors.
Horizon High School is committed to the belief that every student can learn and succeed, emphasizing the importance of trustworthy and positive mentorship. We focus on understanding and supporting each student through personalized learning plans. By partnering with students, Horizon creates academic challenges and support systems aimed at achieving long-term career and college readiness goals. Our High School Program, tailored for independent study, guides students in developing accountability for their education, effective communication, organizational skills, proactive goal-setting, and task prioritization.