Please contact individual businesses to check for availability and grade levels served. All vendor services are limited to online/distance learning only for the Fall 2020 Semester.
Business NameContactTypeSubjectItem DescriptionCity
A Brighter Child (916) 722-2228Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, onlineCore Subjects, Electivesenglish, math, science, foreign language, art (5 to 15 week classes grades K-12)Fair Oaks
A-1 Driving School (916) 443-7483Enrichment ClassesElectivesdriver education, driver trainingSacramento
HomeLearners Academy (Academy Learning Centers) (916) 769-6299Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, onlineCore Subjects, Electivesart, business, college prep, engineering, math, performing arts, reading, sciene, technology, writingSacramento
All Star Gymnastics (530) 622-7684Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnastics, tumblingDiamond Springs
Allstars Driving School (916) 663-6576Enrichment ClassesElectivesdrivers education, driver trainingRocklin
Anderson, Tatsiana (916) 595-8594Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoSacramento
Arthur Murray Dance Center (916) 895-5600Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, ballroomFolsom
Auburn Gymnastic Center (530) 823-2031Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnastics, fitnessAuburn
Auburn Racquet Club (530) 885-1602Enrichment ClassesPEsports, tennis, racquetball, swimAuburn
Rich Ayala Music (916) 203-3364Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitarAuburn, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Roseville
Bach to Rock (Folsom) (916) 265-2600Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, violin, cello, woodwinds, voiceFolsom
Bach to Rock (Rocklin) (916)-435-1300Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, bandRocklin
Ballet Studio, The (53)0-677-1390Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, classical ballet, creative movementSacramento
Beda Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (916)-985-2332Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsFolsom
Bianco's Violin Studio (530) 878-0694Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, violin, suzuki, music theoryMeadow Vista
Bollengier, Christina (916) 833-1124Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, Electiveslanguage arts, english, math, science, drama (Foothill Learning Academy)El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville
Bon Voyage World Languages Academy (509) 942-8015Core Classes, OnlineLOTEforeign language (K-12)on line
Brenda Williams Studio (916) 337-1990Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart, mixed media, clay, sewing (Foothill Learning Academy)Placerville, Cameron Park
Burdick, Gina (530) 306-3858Tutoring, OnlineTutoringenglish, math, reading, scienceDiamond Springs
Byer Gymnastics Center Roseville (916) 781-2939Enrichment ClassesPEsports, gymnasticsRoseville
Byers Gymnastics Center Citrus Heights (916)723-7700Enrichment ClassesPEsports, gymnastics, special needs,Citrus Heights
European Languages /Campbell, Andrea (916) 969-6835Tutoring, OnlineLOTEGerman, FrenchSacramento
Creative Arts & Music Center / Canvas & Keys (916) 791-6407Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart, music, fine arts, voice, cartonningGranite Bay
CB Music Studios (916) 412-1986Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, voice, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, brass, strings, woodwinds, music theoryRoseville
CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy (916) 245-0489Enrichment ClassesPE, Electivessports, horsemanship, horse ridingElk Grove
History Rocks! With Mrs. Chiappe (408) 472-6155Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineHistory, Electivesworld history, geography, speech, debate, STEM (Foothill Learning Academy)El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville
City of Lincoln Recreation Dept (916) 434-3225Enrichment ClassesElectivesenrichment classesLincoln
Learn Piano Live (916) 259-3639Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoFair Oaks
Communication Tools (530) 263-1610Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, OnlineHistory, Electives, PEspeech, debate, reasoning, history, US government, economics, lego, chess, writing, basketball, volleyball, semester courses grades 3-12Citrus Heights
Writing with Kris (916) 725-6473Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineELAwriting, literature classesOrangevale
Couper, Linda K. (530) 277-9607Tutoring, OnlineELA, Mathreading, writing, mathAuburn
Creativityalive Arts (916) 662-3374Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, LOTEart, multimedia, visual arts, Japanese languageRoseville, Rockin
Cunningham, Barbara (916) 879-7057Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, woodwind, clarinet, saxCitrus Heights
Dance Elite All Stars (916) 632-9498Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, tumbling, ballet, pointeRocklin
Debra Heiden's Teaching Services (916) 817-1821Tutoring, OnlineVAPA, LOTE, ELAreading, writing, music, piano, Spanish (Foothill Learning Academy)Cameron Park, Placerville
Dexter, Donna (916)-968-3477Tutoring, onlineMath, ELAmath, pre-algebra, geometry, algebra II, language arts, writingRoseville
Education Francaise de Sacramento (916) 740-1107Enrichment Classes, OnlineLOTEFrench, french culture (grades K-9 monthly classes or semester session)Rocklin
EMH Sports USA Inc. 951-541-0494Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, physical education, fitness, adaptive pe, special needsCameron Park,Elk Grove, Galt, Lincoln, Natomas, Placerville, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento
English Rose Farm (916) 716-1519Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivessports, horsemanship, ridingWilton
Expressions Academy of Dance (916) 543-0299Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, VAPAdance, ballet, tap, hip Hop, creative movement, jazz, musical theaterLincoln
Extreme Gymnastics (916) 652-6559Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnastics, cheer, tumblingLoomis
Fallavollita, Asten (916) 220-6798Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivescomputer programing, theater arts (Foothill Learning Academy)El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville
Family Taekwondo Plus (916) 725-3200Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, taekwondoCitrus Heights
First Choice Tutoring / Vargas, Joe (916) 805-7333Tutoring, OnlineMath, Sciencemath, algebra, statistics, graphing, fractions (Foothill Learning Academy)Fair Oaks
Flip 2 It Sports Center (916) 772-3547Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEsports, gymnastics, dance, urban gym, fitnessRoseville
Foothill Taekwondo (530) 344-8400Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, taekwondoPlacerville
Cameron Park Piano / Frazer, Celia (530) 672-2959Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoCameron Park
Mary Frederick Write On! (916)990-3493Core Classes, Tutoring, OnlineELA, Mathwriting, english, journalism, math, readingFolsom, Placerville, Cameron Park
Parkour and Performing Arts Center (Free Flow Academy) (916) 759-1468Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, VAPAsports, martial arts, dance, Parkour, Kung Fu, Aerial Skills, tumbling, self-defenseRocklin
Froggy Ceramics (530) 820-3688Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart, ceramics, paintingAuburn
Full STEAM Ahead Education 530-575-1789Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, Electivescollege prep, study skills, art, TK-2 math, English, historyAuburn
Fusion Elite Performance Training Center (916) 218-9949Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PE, ElectivesSpanish, math, writing, STEM, art, history, PE, Martial Arts, dance, Brazilian Jiujitsu, music, fitnessPanryn
Maree Gauper Piano Studio (530) 870-0514Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoWheatland
Gold Country Gymnastics (530) 273-3680Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnastics, tumblingGrass Valley
Linda Green Arts (530)-613-6284Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart, drawing, paintingAuburn, Sacramento
Grinevich Cello Studio (916)-388-4068Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, celloAntelope
Hands-On Science / Hindmarsh, Lisa (530) 313-3789Core Classes Enrichment Classes, OnlineScience, Electivesscience, dissection, handsewing (Foothill Learning Acamedy)Cameron Park, Placerville
Hands In Motion (916) 412-4331Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectiveslego robotics, computer, drafting, auto cad, electronics, carpentry, rocketry, drones, science labs, sportsRoseville
Harless, Coralie (916) 415-5368Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoRocklin
Hawkins School of Performing Arts (916) 355-1900Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEballet, jazz, hip hop, theater, voice, tap, point, musical theater, acting, acroFolsom
Casa de Espanol (916) 346-4535Enrichment ClassesVAPA, ElectivesSpanish, languageSacramento
Help for Students (Cindy Voigt) (530) 613-2720Tutoring, OnlineMath, SciencePre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-CalculusAuburn
Hillside Training Stables, LLC (916) 712-1667Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivessports, horsemanship, horseback ridingOrangevale
Home Tutoring Plus (530) 878-1014Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectsmath, algebra, geometry, english, reading, history, french, spanish, economics, earth science, biology (hourly TK-12)Auburn
Houston, Beverly (916) 947-4437Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoRoseville
Ilchuk, Alina (916) 505-3516Tutoring, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, music theorySacramento
Imagine Music Instruction (916) 600-5840Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, music theoryRoseville
Inspire Learning Academy (530) 208-2250Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore subjects, Electives, VAPAEnglish, math, history, science, life skills, visual performing artsRoseville
Independent Study HQ (916) 833-6261Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectstest prep, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, coding, economics, governmentPlacerville
Jenny Thompson Piano and Voice Instruction (707) 703-8327Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, pianoCitrus Heights
JJ Music Lessons / Jon Kimmerson (505) 720-4617Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, ukulele, drum, piano, kids rock bandFolsom, Placerville, Cameron Park
Joy L. Stevens Tutoring (916) 688-8701Core Classes, Tutoring, OnlineELA, Historyworld history, english, literature, grammar, compositionSacramento
Kelliher, Rosemarie (916) 705-1414Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesSewing, fashionEl Dorado Hills
Kovars - Cameron Park Academy (530) 672-1958Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsCameron Park
Kovars - Carmichael Academy (916) 481-4830Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsCarmichael
Kovars - Granite Bay Academy (916) 791-7650Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsGranite Bay
Kovars - Laguna Academy (916) 684-3283Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsElk Grove
Kovars - Lead Hill Academy (916) 789-1133Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsRoseville
Kovars - Madison Academy (916) 965-1561Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsFair Oaks
Kovars - Pocket Academy (916) 391-0500Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsSacramento
Kovars - Truxel Academy (916) 419-9878Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsNatomas
Kovars -Waterman Academy (916) 714-3390Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsElk Grove
Krissy Miller Piano (916) 412-6282Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoAuburn, Rocklin
Lab Rat Academy (530) 249-3747Core Classes, onlineSciencescience labs, anatomy, astronomy, biology, earth science, genetics, magnetism, nutrition, physicsSacramento
Laura Hauge Writing Maven Tutoring Services (530) 626-2034Tutoring, OnlineELAwriting, reading, spelling, englishShingle Springs
Jaime Layton ASL Instructor (530) 306-0786Tutoring, OnlineLOTE ElectivesAmerican Sign Language, ASL, HandsewingPlacerville
Mad Science of Sacramento (916)-779-0390Enrichment Classes, OnlineScience, Electivesscience, NASA, robots,Sacramento
Marjorie Hartung Music (530) 624-7610Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, strings, symphony orchestra, piano, guitar, msical history, violin, viola, cello, bassRocklin
Masterpiece Art Academy / Carrie Morris (916) 350-0201Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, animation, web design, frenchEl Dorado Hills
Mathnasium of Arden Arcade (916) 571-2816Tutoring, OnlineMathmathSacramento
Mathnasium of Cameron Park (530) 350-7388Tutoring, OnlineMathmathCameron Park
Mathnasium of El Dorado Hills (916) 673-9119Tutoring, OnlineMathmathEl Dorado Hills
Mathnasium of Fair Oaks (916) 967-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFair Oaks
Mathnasium of Folsom - Lexington (916) 967-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFolsom
Mathnasium of Folsom - Wales (916) 983-0108Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFolsom
Mathnasium of Granite Bay (916) 983-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathGranite Bay
Mathnasium of Rocklin (916) 791-9119Tutoring, OnlineMathmathRocklin
Mathnasium of Roseville (916) 780-0333Tutoring, OnlineMathmathRoseville
McAfee, Moria (916) 320-0976Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjects, Electiveswriting, grammar, language arts, FrenchAuburn
McCay, Lara (Perrow) (916) 521-2784Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, scienceScience, STEMAuburn, Roseville
McLaughlin Studios (916) 652-6377Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEmusic, dance, musical theater, theater productionsLoomis
Mike Hogan Music Lessons (916) 521-6488Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, ukulele, trumpetLincoln
Mobile Math Tutoring (916)-752-1387Tutoring, OnlineMathmath, pre-algebra, algebra, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statisticsAntelope, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Sacramento
Monterrojas, Alec (916) 521-7255Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, music production, sound engineeringRoseville
Mr. Code’s Wild Ride (916) 668-4887Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescomputer, web coding, hacking, 3D printing, LinuxFolsom, Rocklin
Music Lab Inc., The (916) 773-3786Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, violin, viola, celloRocklin
Music Lessons by Grace Hegy (916)-225-8822Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, vocal,piano, choir (Foothill Learning Academy)Cameron Park, Placerville
Music Store, The (916) 624-0951Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, instrument music lessons and rental, clarinet, flute, trumpet, saxxRocklin
Music With Diana / Haynie, Diana (530) 887-0844Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, horns, ukulele, trumpet, recorder, theory, instrumental ensemblePilot Hill
Kravchuk, Alona / Music's Future (916) 225-9295Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, vocal, theorySacramento
Musical Mayhem Productions, Inc (916) 525-2995Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAperforming arts, musicals, Broadway, tapElk Grove
Natomas Homeschool Alliance (916) 922-3572Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, VAPA, Electivesgrammar, IEW, basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, logic, science, art, ceramics, music, guitar, cake decorating, personal finance, ASL, HS Chemistry labs, HS Biology labs, STEM, computer (semester classes grades TK-12)Sacramento
Neufeldmusic (916) 420-3532Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoElk Grove
NewSongs School of Music (916) 714-4544Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, instrumentalElk Grove
Northern Ca. Childrens Chorus (916) 220-0970Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, choir (middle school and high school)Granite Bay
Nunez Martial Arts Academy (916) 771-6517Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEmartial arts, kick boxing, Jui-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Bok FuRoseville
On the Go Academy (916) 581-0032Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, PE, VAPA, ElectivesSpanish, reading, music, culinary, physical education, music theory, world history, physical science (classes grades TK-12)Roseville
Orr Piano Instruction (530) 363-4608Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoCamino
Pamelot a School of Dance (530) 888-6206Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, tap, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, pointeAuburn
Panoshe Ranch (916) 616-5924Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectiveshorsemanship, horseback ridingSacramento
Peperkorn, Kathryn (262) 705-5469Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAvoice, music, pianoRocklin
Presto! Music Studio (916) 300-2947Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, flute, vocal, voice, violin, band, keyboarding, composition, instrumental group or private lessonsRocklin
Voice Wire (formerly The Professional Voice) 702-763-7362Enrichment Classes, onlineVAPAmusic, voice, singingonline
Rainwater Music Company (916) 428-2056Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, flute, sax, trumpet, tronbone, french horn, oboe, tuba, baritone, drums, voice, choir, ukulele, composition, music theory, song writingSacramento
Reams, Linda / Suzuki Violin School (530) 409-3098Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, Suzuki violin, violaEl Dorado Hills
Rice, Bre 916-709-0781Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjectsgeography, history, science, healthFolsom
River City Dance Academy (916) 371-2016Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporaryWest Sacramento
Rockball (916) 631-4290Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, basketballRancho Cordova
Rockly Harris Piano Studio (916) 939-1661Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoEl Dorado
Roseville Academy of Dance (916) 773-5678Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, ballet, tap, musical theater, tubling, jazz, hip hop, recreationRoseville
Roseville Piano Studio (916) 789-0408Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoRoseville
Royal Stage, The (916) 572-3022Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEperforming arts, dance, theater, acting, voice, musicRoseville
Ruscica Music (916) 955-5386Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, choir, voice, instrumentalRocklin
Sabado School of Music (530) 676-5422Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, drum, guitar, woodwind, brass, bass, flute, clarinet, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, sax, drum, percussion, tuba, trumpet, baritone, french hornCameron Park
Makers XD (916) 623-5371Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescomputer, CAD, programming, python, 3D modeling, video game design, furniture design, metal working, wood workingSacramento
Sacramento Spark (916)-827-1118Enrichment Classes, TutoringElectives, Sciencescience, study hallFair Oaks
School of Rock - Elk Grove (916) 500-7625Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, rock, bandElk Grove
Seavers, Mary (916) 685-4255Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoElk Grove
Serendipity Center, The (916) 776-6822Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjects, Electives, VAPAcomputer, history, LEGO robotics, dance, A-G science labs, A-G chemstry lab, , physics lab, biology lab, art, spanish, photography,Elk Grove
Shooting Stars Tutoring / Wetzstein, Kristin (916) 205-1402Tutoring, onlineELA, Mathcore subjects, math, reading, science, history, interventionCitrus Heights
Skip's Music (916) 484-7575Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, instrumental, drum, guitar, voice, trumpet, clarinet, flute, sax, violin, pianoSacramento
Sombrero Time - Where Children Learn Spanish (916) 625-6744Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineLOTESpanish immersion, group and private K-12Granite Bay
Stewart, Lisa (916) 421-0956Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, private lessons (Inspire Learning Academy)Roseville
Studio 24, Inc. (916) 358-9915Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAacting, performance, voiceovers, improvisation, commercials, preteen acting classesFolsom
Tamraloo Music (916) 664-2516Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, choirLincoln
Ballet Rejoice School for the Arts (916) 824-2044Enrichment Classes, onineVAPA, PEdance, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporaryRocklin
Miss Kitty's Sewing & Enrichment (916) 841-4461Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, sewingSacramento
Torgerson, Sherry (530) 477-7171TutoringMathmath, pre-algebra, algebra, math labAuburn
Total Education Solutions (916) 564-5010Tutoring, onlineCore SubjectsGenEd math, language arts, readingSacramento
Urban Arts Youth / Taylor, Christina (530) 718-8369Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PE, Electives, sciencedance, art, lego, hip hop, science labsLincoln
Viktoriya's Music (916) 752-6434Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoFair Oaks
Viola, Rebecca (916) 213-2700Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, voice, choirRancho Cordova
Wholistic Learning Resources (916) 606-0799Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, onlineELA, Math, PE, VAPA, Electivesgrammar, crafts, ukulele, handiworks, woodworking, , movement, science, art, gardening, pre-algebraRancho Cordova, Sacramento
Toliy's Guitar (916) 595-0673Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, ELAmusic, guitarAntelope
Young Talents Music School (916) 342-3777Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, flute, viola, violin, pianoSacramento
Zorichak, Beverly (530) 263-3082Core Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, Electivesreading, math, science, social studiesAuburn, Colfax
City of Folsom Parks and Recreation (916) 961-6661Enrichment ClassesElectivesenrichment classesFolsom
Studio 65 Dance Company (916) 899-6577Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAdance, jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap, acroRocklin
Chittock, Mindy (530) 227-5297Core Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, Electiveslanguage arts, math, science (Liberty Learning Academy)Auburn
Bryan Solen Tennis (916) 743-4474Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, tennisFolsom
Dream Enrichment Classes (916) 419-7644Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescoding, chessSacramento
Bennati's Martial Arts (530) 820-3232Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsAuburn
Mr. J's Mentoring (916) 390-0985TutoringCore Subjectsenglish, math, science, historyRoseville
Granite Bay Jiu Jitsu (916)587-1411Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, Jiu JitsuGranite Bay
Na Martial Arts (916) 805-5743Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsFolsom
In Sync Dance (530) 823-6782Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdanceAuburn
Kim Snow Music Studio (916) 730-4234Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEmusic, pianoSacramento
Alex Robul (916) 337-4203Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, violin, pianoCitrus Heights
Byers Gymnastics Rocklin (916) 250-4050Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnasticsRocklin
Lana's Music Studio / Golban (916) 952-5275Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, cello, music theoryAntelope
Music To Grow On (916) 849-9708Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, music therapyAuburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Placerville
Holowaty, Jonathan (659) 576-2427Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, ukulele, voice, pianoSacramento, Rocklin, Roseville
Level Up Martial Arts, Anatolia (916) 586-6131Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, taekwondoRancho Cordova
Papworth, Melanie (916) 670-0041Enrichment ClassesVAPA, Mathmusic, piano, mathRancho Cordova
GradePower Learning (916) 683-1115Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectsmath, english, history, scienceElk Grove
Absolute Mathematics (304) 805-6284Tutoring, OnlineMathmathRocklin
Galaxay Dance Arts LLC (279) 333-7123Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musicElk Grove
Level Up Martial Arts, Gold River 916-586-6131Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, taekwondoGold River
Chiung-hwa Bryce's Piano Studio (916) 694-4959Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, piano, suzukiElk Grove
Albedo Arts Community, Inc. (916) 307-1847Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEpiano, dance, gymnastics, theater, musocSacramento
Bob Sweat M.Ed MAT Tutoring (530) 613-5552Tutoring, OnlineMathhistory, writing, geography literature, grammar, English (Blue Door)Auburn
Bradley Ramirez Music Lessons and Tutoring (916) 200-9746Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineVAPAmusic appreciation, music theory, guitar, bassCitrus Heights, Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Rocklin, Elk Grove Folsom
Code Ninjas - Rocklin/Folsom (916) 354-5659Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescomputer programming, codingRocklin, Folsom
Block Academy of Music (916) 755-5960Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, bandGold River
Tucker Tutoring Plus (530) 391-8653Tutoring, onlineCore Subjectsmath, history, science, english (K-12)Placerville
Curious Brush, The (408) 505-6380Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart, paintingFolsom
Music Lessons by Hafdis Traustadottir https// (310) 805-4685Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic lessons, piano, flute, violin, guitar, recorderGrass Valley
Strum Shop, The (916) 787-8786Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic lessons (private, group)Roseville
Day by Day Spanish 916-960-9841Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineLOTESpanish group class or individual tutoringLoomis, Auburn, Lincoln
Code Ninjas - Elk Grove 916-883-2633Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescoding, computer, roboticsElk Grove
Candy's Piano Studio 916-955-4048Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoSacramento
Atlas Culinary Concepts (916) 897-3086Enrichment ClassesElectivesculinary, cooking, bakingRoseville
Johnson, Elisabeth (916) 772-1479Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjects, Electivesenglish, math, history, science, study skills (grades K-9)Roseville
Nicole Corrine Music (530) 210-9536Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, Ukelele, pop choir, life skills, journalingRoseville
NV Martial Arts (916) 871-6978varshochinasrin@yahoo.comEnrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsFair Oaks
Voice Academy 916-297-7789Music, guitar, ukulele, singing, voiceRoseville
E-Z Way Driving School (530) 885-8109Enrichment ClassesElectivesdriving lessons, drivers education, driver trainingAuburn
Toth, Madilyn (916) 835-0068Tutoring, onlineELA, Math, Hsitory, Electivesmath, history, STEM, English, pianoLoomis
Harmony (916) 996-3141 Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, piano, pan flute, accordion, guitar, theoryAntelope
Elizabeth Stein Music (530) 306-3291Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitarSacramento
Culinary Comfort (916) 925-3527Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescooking, culinaryLincoln
Byrd Instruction & Tutoring (916) 250-9013Tutoring, OnlineLOTEmandarinLoomis
Suzuki Piano Academy / Williams, H. (916) 397-1404Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, piano, suzukiFair Oaks
Yeager Educational Services (408) 835-7216Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectiveswriting, literature, computer game design and developmentRocklin
Evitta Gantt (916) 595-4136Tutoring, OnlineVAPARussian, Ukrainian, ceramics, art, graphicsNorth Highlands
Demetrius Besougloff (916) 625-1651Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, ukulele, bassCitrus Heights
Silchuk Violin Studio (916) 458-1737Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, violinSacramento
LAFITTE Music Center (916) 541-7529Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, instrumentalCitrus Heights
Ambassador Learning Academy (530)-205-6865Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineVAPA, math, English, science, electivesmusic, piano, tutoring (math, English, science), K-8 enrichmentAuburn, Rocklin
Curiosity Collective, The (916) 759-7057Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectives, Sciencegardening, botany, nature, science (K-8), environmental educationRoseville, Rocklin
Rockstar Music Academy, The (916) 409-2166Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, instrumentalLincoln
Write On! Webb (951)541-8663Enrichment Classes, OnlineELAEnglish, writingMurrieta
AllGood Driving School (800) 977-1971Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesdrivers education, drivers trainingElk Grove
CJ Sewing Co. (916) 705-3046Enrichment ClassesElectivesart, sewingElk Grove
Darcy DuRuz Music, LLC (541) 484-4824Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, voice, singing, trumpet, piano, private lessonsonline
Auburn Tutoring LLC (530) 820-3465 (530)613-2829Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectsmath, english, history, science, SpanishAuburn
Code O World (510) 990-3034Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivescomputer, coding, robotics, artRocklin
Becker Academy of Guitar (916) 397-3865Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, guitarFair Oaks
First Tee Greater Sacramento, The 916-486-6220Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, Electivesgolf, life skills, athleticsSacramento
Jackson Voice Studio (916) 587-0871Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, singingRoseville
Yen Pin Hu (916) 817-0356Tutoring, OnlineVAPAlanguage, Chinese, MandarinFolsom
Alexandra's Violin Studoio (916) 812-2258Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, violinAntelope
Andrii Liesnyi (916) 505-7128Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, flute, saxophone, music theorySacramento
Keyboard Art School of Music (760) 684-1236Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, digital photography, film, technology, graphic design, sculpture, animation, musicOnline
Refuge Life Services (916)833-4367Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, lectivescreative writing, fitnessAuburn
Tutoring Rocks (916) 370-0808Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjects, LOTEEnglish, math, history, science, SpanishEl Dorado Hills
Brandon's Beats (530)632-9347Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesmusic, drumsOliverhurst
AFA Studio LLC, The (323)484-8382Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesacting, coachingonline
Kids That Code, Inc. (909)475-7706 Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescomputer, technology, coding, steamonline
Rocklin Community Theatre (916)740-6229Enrichment Classes, Online classesVAPAdrama, theatre, dance, acting, musical theatreRocklin
Presto Music School (916)225-6061Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, saxophoneSacramento
RhythmJuice (310)467-8493Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, Electivesdance, swing, solo authentic jazz, age 12+online
Animation Course, The (661)-775-5775Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, drawing, animationonline
Lisa Bond-Torgerson (530)333-7636Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, violin, pianoEl Dorado
ASL Resolutions (916)562-3237Enrichment Classes, OnlineLOTEASL, American Sign LanguageRoseville
Lynda Weiss (916)390-6530Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesLego engineering, TechnologyShingle Springs
Margaret Johnson (530)559-9295Tutoring, OnlineEnglishEnglish, readingAuburn
Crocker Art Museum (916)808-1670Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAart explorationSacramento
P.E. on the run (530)419-4237Enrichment Classes, OnlinePE, Electivessports, athletic training, fitness, boxingCitrus Heights
Beakers & Bricks, LLC (336)963-8265Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesnutrition, home economics, food scienceonline