Please contact individual businesses to check for availability and grade levels served. All Vendor Services must be delivered in adherence to local county public health recommendations for their location.
Business NameContactTypeSubjectItem DescriptionCity
A Brighter Child (916) 722-2228Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, onlineCore Subjects, Electivesenglish, math, science, foreign language, art (5 to 15 week classes grades K-12)Fair Oaks
Allstars Driving School (916)663-6576Enrichment ClassesElectivesDriver EducationRocklin
Anderson, Tatsiana (916) 595-8594Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoSacramento
Arthur Murray Dance Center (916) 895-5600Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, ballroomFolsom
Auburn Gymnastic Center (530) 823-2031Enrichment ClassesPEsports, gymnastics, fitnessAuburn
Ballet Studio, The (53)0-677-1390Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, classical ballet, creative movementSacramento
Beda Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (916)-985-2332Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsFolsom
Bon Voyage World Languages Academy (509) 942-8015Enrichment Classes, OnlineLOTEforeign language (K-12)on line
Burdick, Gina (530) 306-3858Tutoring, OnlineTutoringenglish, math, reading, scienceDiamond Springs
Byers Gymnastics Center Citrus Heights (916)723-7700Enrichment ClassesPEsports, gymnastics, special needs,Citrus Heights
CB Music Studios (916)412-1986Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, voice, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, brass, strings, woodwinds, music theoryRoseville
CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy (916)245-0489Enrichment ClassesPE, Electivessports, horsemanship, horse ridingElk Grove
History Rocks! With Mrs. Chiappe (408)472-6155Core Classes, Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineHistory, Electivesworld history, geography, speech, debate, STEM (Foothill Learning Academy)El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville
City of Lincoln Recreation Dept (916)434-3225Enrichment ClassesElectivesenrichment classesLincoln
Couper, Linda K. (530) 277-9607Tutoring, OnlineELA, Mathreading, writing, mathAuburn
Creativityalive Arts (916)662-3374Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, LOTEart, multimedia, visual arts, painting, drawing, Japanese languageRoseville
Cunningham, Barbara (916) 879-7057Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, woodwind, clarinet, saxCitrus Heights
Debra Heiden's Teaching 530-263-3642Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, onlineElectivesK-8 reading, writing, Spanish,Spanish conversation, pianoCameron Park, Placerville
Dexter, Donna (916)-968-3477Tutoring, onlineCore Subjectsmath K-12, , algebra, geometry, history, language arts, writingRoseville
Education Francaise de Sacramento (916)740-1107Enrichment Classes, OnlineLOTEFrench, french culture (grades K-9 monthly classes or semester session)Rocklin
Equine Unlimited Inc (916)718-8662Enrichment ClassesElectivessports, horsemanship, saddle group, ridingRescue
Expressions Academy of Dance (916) 543-0299Enrichment ClassesPE, VAPAdance, ballet, tap, hip Hop, creative movement, jazz, musical theaterLincoln
Extreme Gymnastics (916)652-6559Enrichment ClassesPEsports, gymnastics, cheer, tumblingLoomis
First Choice Tutoring / Vargas, Joe (916)805-7333Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, onlineMath, Sciencemath, algebra, statistics, graphing, fractions, chemistry, physics, SAT prepCameron Park
Flip 2 It Sports Center (916)772-3547Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEsports, gymnastics, dance, urban gym, fitnessRoseville
Foothill Taekwondo (530)344-8400Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, taekwondoPlacerville
Cameron Park Piano / Frazer, Celia (916)747-1266Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoCameron Park
Froggy Ceramics (530)820-3688Enrichment ClassesVAPAart, ceramics, paintingAuburn
Full STEAM Ahead Education (530)575-1789Enrichment Classes, OnlineCore Subjects, Electivescollege prep, study skills, art, TK-2 math, English, historyAuburn
Fusion Elite Performance Training Center (916)218-9949Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PE, ElectivesTk Exploration, archery, art, crochet, dance, Physical Education, science (1st - 8th), martial arts, math support, SpanishPanryn
Grinevich Cello Studio (916)388-4068Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, celloRio Linda
Hands-On Science / Hindmarsh, Lisa (530) 313-3789Enrichment ClassesScience, Electivesscience, grades 4-8: astronomy, anatomy dissection, electricity, plants and animals, microscopy, hand sewingCameron Park, Placerville
Healing Pastures Inc. (530)888-7766Enrichment ClassesElectiveshorsemanship, horeback riding lessonsAuburn
Hillside Training Stables, LLC (916) 712-1667Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivessports, horsemanship, horseback ridingOrangevale
Home Tutoring Plus (530)878-1014Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectsmath, algebra, geometry, english, reading, history, french, spanish, economics, earth science, biology (hourly TK-12)Auburn
Jenny Thompson Piano and Voice Instruction (707)703-8327Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, pianoCitrus Heights
Just Keep Sewing (916)337-0488Enrichment ClassesElectivessewingEl Dorado Hills
Kovars - Carmichael Academy (916)481-4830Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsCarmichael
Kovars - Laguna Academy (916)684-3283Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsElk Grove
Kovars - Lead Hill Academy (916)789-1133Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsRoseville
Kovars - Truxel Academy (916)419-9878Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsNatomas
Kovars -Waterman Academy (916)714-3390Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsElk Grove
Kumon Learning Center - El Dorado Hills (916) 933-1121Tutoring, OnlineMath, ELAreading, mathEl Dorado Hills
Lab Rat Academy (530) 249-3747Core Classes, onlineSciencescience labs, anatomy, astronomy, biology, earth science, genetics, magnetism, nutrition, physicsSacramento
Jaime Layton ASL Instructor (530)306-0786Tutoring, OnlineLOTE ElectivesAmerican Sign Language, ASL, HandsewingPlacerville
Marjorie Hartung Music (530)624-7610Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, strings, symphony orchestra, piano, guitar, msical history, violin, viola, cello, bassRocklin
Mathnasium of Arden Arcade (916)571-2816Tutoring, OnlineMathmathSacramento
Mathnasium of Cameron Park (530)350-7388Tutoring, OnlineMathmathCameron Park
Mathnasium of El Dorado Hills (916)673-9119Tutoring, OnlineMathmathEl Dorado Hills
Mathnasium of Fair Oaks (916)967-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFair Oaks
Mathnasium of Folsom - Lexington (916)967-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFolsom
Mathnasium of Folsom - Wales (916)983-0108Tutoring, OnlineMathmathFolsom
Mathnasium of Granite Bay (916)983-6222Tutoring, OnlineMathmathGranite Bay
Mathnasium of Rocklin (916)791-9119Tutoring, OnlineMathmathRocklin
Mathnasium of Roseville (916)780-0333Tutoring, OnlineMathmathRoseville
McLaughlin Studios (916)652-6377Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEmusic, dance, musical theater, theater productionsLoomis
Mobile Math Tutoring (916)752-1387Tutoring, OnlineMathmath, pre-algebra, algebra, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statisticsAntelope, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Sacramento
Mr. Code’s Wild Ride (916)668-4887Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescomputer, web coding, hacking, 3D printing, LinuxFolsom, Rocklin
Music Lab Inc., The (916)773-3786Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, violin, viola, celloRocklin
Music Lessons by Grace Hegy (916)225-8822Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, voice, piano, choir (Foothill Learning Academy)Cameron Park, Placerville
Music Store Rocklin, The (916)624-0951Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, instrument music lessons and rental, clarinet, flute, trumpet, saxxRocklin
Music With Diana / Haynie, Diana (530)887-0844Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, horns, ukulele, trumpet, recorder, theory, instrumental ensemblePilot Hill
Kravchuk, Alona / Music's Future (916)225-5137Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitar, piano, vocal, theorySacramento
New Man's Karate (530) 622-2330Enrichment ClassesPEsports, martial arts, karatePlacerville
Northern Ca. Childrens Chorus (916)220-0970Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, choir (middle school and high school)Granite Bay
Nunez Martial Arts Academy (916)771-6517Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEmartial arts, kick boxing, Jui-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Bok FuRoseville
On the Go Academy (916)581-0032Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectives, PE, VAPA2nd - 6th Art, ASL, cooking, drama, history, life skills, reading, sports, STEAM, writing, 7th -12th art, ASL, mixed media, music, PE, speech/debate, sportsRoseville
Orr Piano Instruction (530)363-4608Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, pianoCamino
Panoshe Ranch (916)616-5924Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectiveshorsemanship, horseback ridingSacramento
Peperkorn, Kathryn (262)705-5469Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAvoice, music, pianoRocklin
Pipe Dreams Farm / Wilcox, Susan (530)633-4325Enrichment ClassesElectiveshorseback ridingRio Oso
Reams, Linda / Suzuki Violin School (530)409-3098Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, Suzuki violin, violaEl Dorado Hills
Rice, Bre (916)709-0781Enrichment Classes, OnlineEnrichment ClassesEnglish, History, Language, ScienceLoomis
River City Dance Academy (916) 371-2016Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporaryWest Sacramento
Rockball (916) 631-4290Enrichment ClassesPEsports, basketballRancho Cordova
Sabado School of Music (530)676-5422Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, drum, guitar, woodwind, brass, bass, flute, clarinet, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, sax, drum, percussion, tuba, trumpet, baritone, french hornCameron Park
Sea Otter Swim Lessons (916) 660-9492Enrichment ClassesPEsports, swimming, private swim lessonsLoomis
Stewart, Lisa (916) 421-0956Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, private lessonsRoseville
Studio 24, Inc. (916)358-9915Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAacting, performance, voiceovers, improvisation, commercials, preteen acting classesFolsom
Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center (916)685-7462Enrichment ClassesPEsports, swimming, group and private swim lessonsElk Grove
Ballet Rejoice School for the Arts (916) 824-2044Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporaryRocklin
Total Education Solutions (916) 564-5010Tutoring, onlineCore SubjectsGenEd math, language arts, readingSacramento
Viktoriya's Music (916)752-6434Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoFair Oaks
Toliy's Guitar (916) 595-0673Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, guitarAntelope
Steve Wallen Swim School -Roseville (916)794-7977Enrichment ClassesPEsports, swim, swimming, private and group lessonsRoseville
Chittock, Mindy (530)227-5297Enrichment ClassesCore Subjects, ElectivesElementary language arts, history, math, science, writing (Liberty Learning Academy)Auburn
Bickmore, Stacey (530)320-7886Enrichment ClassesCore Classes, ElectivesELA, math, history , science grades 3, grade 4Auburn
Bennati's Martial Arts (530)820-3232Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial artsAuburn
Mr. J's Mentoring (916)390-0985TutoringCore Subjectsenglish, math, science, historyRoseville
Granite Bay Jiu Jitsu (916)587-1411Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, martial arts, Jiu JitsuGranite Bay
Na Martial Arts (916)805-5743Enrichment ClassesPEsports, martial artsFolsom
Byers Gymnastics Rocklin (916)250-4050Enrichment Classes, OnlinePEsports, gymnasticsRocklin
Lana's Music Studio / Golban (916)952-5275Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano, cello, music theoryAntelope
Music To Grow On (916)849-9708Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, music therapy, adaptive music lessons, guitar, piano, voiceAuburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Placerville
GradePower Learning (916)683-1115Tutoring, OnlineCore Subjectsmath, english, history, scienceElk Grove
Absolute Mathematics (304) 805-6284Tutoring, OnlineMathmath, algebra, geometryRocklin
Day by Day Spanish 916-960-9841Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, OnlineLOTESpanish group class or individual tutoringAuburn
Code Ninjas - Elk Grove (916)883-2633Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivescoding, computer, roboticsElk Grove
Candy's Piano Studio (916)955-4048Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, pianoSacramento
Nicole Corrine Music (530)210-9536Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, private lessons, group Ukelele, group guitar, life skillsRoseville
Harmony (916)996-3141 Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, piano, pan flute, accordion, guitar, theoryAntelope
Malko Performing Arts Academy (916)719-3765Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, PEdance, ballroom, hip hopCitrus Heights
Evitta Gantt (916)595-4136Tutoring, OnlineVAPAforeign language, UkrainianNorth Highlands
Demetrius Besougloff (916) 625-1651Enrichment ClassesVAPAmusic, piano, guitar, ukulele, bassCitrus Heights
California Ballet Conservatory (530)304-1338Enrichment ClassesVAPA, PEdance, ballet, creative movementCameron Park
Rockstar Music Academy, The (916) 409-2166Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, instrumentalLincoln
Write On! Webb (951)541-8663Enrichment Classes, OnlineELAEnglish, writingMurrieta
AllGood Driving School (800)977-1971Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesDriver EducationElk Grove
Darcy DuRuz Music, LLC (541) 484-4824Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesmusic, voice, singing, trumpet, piano, private lessonsonline
Jackson Voice Studio (916)587-0871Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, voice, singingRoseville
Wrightwood Education Studio (formerly Keyboard Art School of Music) (760) 684-1236Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, digital photography, film, technology, graphic design, sculpture, animation, musicOnline
AFA Studio LLC, The (323)484-8382Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesacting, coachingonline
Animation Course, The (661)-775-5775Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, Electivesart, drawing, animationonline
Lynda Weiss (916)390-6530Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivesLego engineering, TechnologyShingle Springs
Margaret Johnson (530)559-9295Tutoring, OnlineEnglishEnglish, readingAuburn
Folsom Piano Academy (916)985-9443Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPAmusic, piano lessons: group or privateFolsom
Orangevale Recreation & Park District (916)988-4373Enrichment Classes, OnlineElectivessports, art, youth enrichment activitiesOrangevale
Teamwork Equine Services (530)263-1878Enrichment ClassesElectiveshorsemanship, riding, horse anatomy, horse management, horse carePenn Valley
Denise Doshier Music Instruction (916(203-9294enrichment classes, onlinemusicmusic, musical movement and expressionloomis, online
Saulsberry, Carol (530)391-7989Enrichment ClassesElectives, PEequine science, horsemanship, horse back ridingPollock Pines
Kovars - Fair Oaks Academy (916)965-1561Enrichment ClassesPEsports, martial artsFair Oaks
My Photo Class (916)705-0246Enrichment Classes, OnlineVAPA, ElectivesDigital photographySacramento, Online