For over 100 years, families have benefited from the child-centric educational approach to schooling developed by Maria Montessori. We applaud this method of teaching and are happy to provide a free, public Montessori school option to our families through our Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op.

Horizon Charter Schools’ (HCS) Montessori program incorporates the principles and ideology of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of schooling into a public school setting. Our multi-grade classroom design provides a family learning dynamic with older students acting as mentors and role models for younger students. This builds confidence in older students and helps reinforce concepts they’ve learned as they share their knowledge with their younger classmates. Younger children typically are comfortable learning from people close to their own age and feel supported and gain confidence from being mentored by older students.

HCS’ Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op’s classes take place five days a week and are taught by California credentialed teachers trained in the Montessori method of educational instruction. Student independence is encouraged, and your child will become an active participant in his or her educational choices under the close guidance of highly qualified educators.

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