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Description of Horizon Charter Schools

We understand that parents often seek school options that offer a variety of educational choice. Horizon is well known in the community for cutting edge innovation and excellence in the numerous ways we support families.

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Home Teaching

Home Teaching  (Grades K to 12) is designed for students whose parents are actively involved in their education. The parents have a strong sense of what they want their children to study and are actively involved in the lesson planning, instructing, and correcting of assignments for their children. Home study students, as well as their parents, have face-to-face meetings with their Supervising Teacher at least once every 20 school days for a minimum of one hour per student meeting.

Independent Study (AESS)

Additional Supervising Teacher support for parents may be available when more frequent supervisory meetings with a student are needed.

Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op

This is an educational option for those parents who wish for their children to obtain an academic education in a community-based setting. In this site-based program, students attend school all day Monday through Friday. The Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op (LMCC) serves grades K-8 with combination classes of two grade levels. Providing an avenue for parental involvement, Lincoln Montessori is a co-op in which parent participation is an integral part of the school's success and an expected element from each family.

Learning Centers

The fourth choice, offers parents an opportunity to enroll their students in both Core curriculum and enrichment classes that supplement the independent study efforts of each family. These individual classes are offered and taught by highly qualified and credentialed teachers.

The Sacramento Business Journal named Horizon Charter Schools among the top 25 high schools in the Sacramento area based on SAT scores.


What They're Saying

My son Matthew just graduated from Horizon Charter School and I can honestly say that he got the best of educations.

— Keri Hodgson
Parent and Supervising Teacher




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