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Description of Horizon Charter School Options

We understand that parents often seek school options that offer a variety of educational choice. Horizon is well known in the community for cutting edge innovation and excellence in the numerous ways we support families. Many of our unique offerings have evolved as a result of parent request and we continue to look for opportunities to make our options for parents even better.

We seek to offer home teaching opportunities that value parent choice and support the learning process with options for individual academic or elective classes. We are equally proud that our learning centers still offer small classroom instruction opportunities that are becoming more and more difficult to find.

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Home Teaching

Home Teaching  (Grades K to 12) is designed for students whose parents are actively involved in their education. The parents have a strong sense of what they want their children to study and are actively involved in the lesson planning, instructing, and correcting of assignments for their children. Home study students, as well as their parents, have face-to-face meetings with their Supervising Teacher at least once every 20 school days for a minimum of one hour per student meeting. During these meetings, the Supervising Teacher reviews the student's assignments, collects samples to include in the required monthly paperwork, discusses any problems or areas of concern that may have occurred during the month, and assigns, with parental input, the next month's assignments. The student's personal interests are incorporated into the assignments as well as activities and assignments that complement his/her learning style(s). High school students will also have access to subject area teachers in the core courses. These teachers, called Subject Matter Specialists, assist in the assignment and evaluation of student work, are available for consultation and evaluation during the semester, and are responsible for the final examinations which must be proctored in all college prep core courses. High school students may also take area classes from highly qualified HCS instructors, enroll in community college classes, or take approved distance learning (web-based) courses.

Independent Study (AESS)

The Independent Study Program (Grades 7 to 12) is designed for struggling students whose parents need or want more assistance in educating their child or for those families who do not choose to be as involved in the day-to-day educational program as the Home Study Program requires. At HCS/PaSCL, this program is called AESS or Additional Educational Support Services. The AESS Program allows for additional assistance from the Supervising Teacher (ST) and the ST will spend, at a minimum, one hour every two weeks working with the student. The decision to enroll a student into AESS may be made at the time of enrollment or when an academic need is identified. The ST will facilitate securing clarification of the topics being studied (e.g., communicating with the online instructor), correct student work, and help with organizational and study techniques. In AESS, the ST works closely with the student throughout the month and the parent's main responsibility is to make sure the student is completing the assigned work. Student attendance at the weekly or bi-weekly scheduled appointments is mandatory. High school students taking core classes also have access to subject area teachers in these subjects. These teachers, called Subject Matter Specialists, assist in the assignment and evaluation of the daily work, are available for consultation and help during the semester, and are responsible for the final examinations which must be proctored in all college prep core courses.

Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op

This is an educational option for those parents who wish for their children to obtain an academic education in a community-based setting. In this site-based program, students attend school all day Monday through Friday. The Lincoln Montessori Community Co-op (LMCC) serves grades K-8 with combination classes of two grade levels. Providing an avenue for parental involvement, Lincoln Montessori is a co-op in which parent participation is an integral part of the school's success and an expected element from each family. Enrollment in the LMCC is by a lottery. In this Montessori program, children work in groups and individually using a hands-on learning approach mainly in the lower grades. In the upper grades, project-based learning is a method often applied. In both situations, all work is aimed at the child's individual ability level. Students have large amounts of independent work periods at varying times throughout the day. Students should be able to work independently. Field trips are scheduled regularly at LMCC.

Learning Centers

The fourth choice, offers parents an opportunity to enroll their students in both Core curriculum and enrichment classes that supplement the independent study efforts of each family. These individual classes are offered and taught by highly qualified and credentialed teachers.

The Sacramento Business Journal named Horizon Charter Schools among the top 25 high schools in the Sacramento area based on SAT scores.


What They're Saying

Horizon has a very special place in the lives of so many people, giving them the opportunity to educate in the way that is best for their personal situation and needs.

— Ross Hougham
HCSEF 2010 Scholarship Winner




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