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Home Teaching/Independent Study

Horizon Charter Schools' (HCS) have a well established tradition of developing and implementing home independent study options that offer unique educational opportunities for all students. Support services for parents and students who choose this educational path have been carefully developed to be certain that home teaching families have access to the services that will insure the success of their home teaching efforts.

Academic and elective classes are available to families in several locations, and students may also enroll in private instruction with approved vendors. Distance learning is widely used, and many field trips are offered. Special education services are provided as well to eligible students.

NOTE: Horizon is pleased to announce that families will see a significant increase in student funding for the 2012/2013 school year. Students in grades K-8 will see an increase in funding to $1600 for the school year and students in grades 9-12 will see an increase in funding to $1800 for the school year.

Beginning in fall 2012, all independent study students in grades 9 to 12 will be issued a laptop computer when a request is made by the students supervising teacher. Laptops will be available for student use while they are enrolled in Horizon Charter Schools.

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Home Teaching

The Home Study Program is designed for students whose parents are actively involved in their education. Parents are responsible for the day-to-day instruction of their children under the guidance and support of a credentialed teacher. Parents have a strong sense of what they want their children to study and are actively involved in the lesson planning, instructing, and correcting of assignments for the children. Home study students, as well as their parents, have face-to-face meetings with their Supervising Teacher at least once every 20 school days for a minimum of one hour per student meeting. During these meetings, the Supervising Teacher reviews the student's assignments, collects samples to include in the required monthly paperwork, discusses any problems or areas of concern that may have occurred during the month, and assigns, with parental input, the next month's assignments. The student's personal interests are incorporated into the assignments as well as activities and assignments that complement his/her learning style(s).

High school students will also have access to subject area teachers in the core courses. These teachers, called Virtual Learning Instructors, assist in the assignment and evaluation of student work, are available for consultation and evaluation during the semester, and are responsible for the final examinations which must be proctored in all college prep core courses. High school students may also take area classes from highly qualified HCS instructors, enroll in community college classes, or take approved distance learning (web-based) courses.

Independent Study (AESS)

The Independent Study Program is designed for struggling students whose parents need or want more assistance in educating their child or for those families who do not choose to be as involved in the day-to-day educational program as the Home Study Program requires. At HCS, this program is called AESS or Additional Educational Support Services. The AESS Program allows for additional assistance from the Supervising Teacher (ST) and the ST will spend, at a minimum, one hour every two weeks working with the student. The decision to enroll a student into AESS may be made at the time of enrollment or when an academic need is identified.

The ST will facilitate securing clarification of the topics being studied (e.g., communicating with the online instructor), correct student work, and help with organizational and study techniques. In AESS, the ST works closely with the student throughout the month and the parent's main responsibility is to make sure the student is completing the assigned work. Student attendance at the weekly or bi-weekly scheduled appointments is mandatory.

The AESS designation is available for any student in grades K-12.

Materials and Services

Part of the appeal of Horizon Charter Schools is the fact that families have a voice in the selection of curriculum. The ST, in collaboration with the parent, selects curriculum that is appropriate for the student, taking into consideration the student's learning style, grade level, rigor, record of academic success, and other relevant factors. You will notice during the curriculum discussion time with your ST, the school has lists of Recommended Curriculum for each grade level. If, in consultation with your ST, materials are selected from this list, you can be assured the textbooks are aligned with the California State Standards and are a quality curriculum choice. All resource materials and assessment tools are based on the recommended curriculum. This list can be viewed by visiting the HCS website. Your ST will order the curriculum chosen and materials will be promptly sent directly to your home.

In addition, the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) has an extensive inventory of educational resources available for checkout. Once enrolled, your student(s) will be given a username and password to search for and view materials in the CRC online catalog. Your ST will place your order with the CRC and materials will ship directly to your home. You will also be able to access each student's list of materials checked out through the CRC.

Curriculum Resource Center

Contact Information:

Phone: 916.408.5272 or 800.338.8003 x 5272
Fax: 916.408.5255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday, and Holidays


3144 Venture Drive, Lincoln, CA

Horizon Charter Schools' Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) houses a rich collection of materials to support student learning. These include library books, curriculum support materials, parent and teacher resources, audiovisual materials, games, manipulatives, and reference materials, all available for checkout.

Parents and students also have access to standards-based textbooks. Samples are available for browsing and staff will assist in checking availability from our curriculum warehouse. Materials may be shipped to your home or picked up at the CRC. We are committed to providing materials in a timely manner.

The CRC also offers a number of online resources. To browse the online catalog, please visit our homepage on the Horizon Charter School web site: click on Departments, then Library. Please also take advantage of the Resources section for additional links and information.

While browsing the online catalog, please note additional resources listed on the Catalog home page. The Catalog tab allows you to search for materials as well as to access the Web Path Express and State Standards search engines – powerful tools that will link you to appropriate educational websites and CRC materials. Destiny Quest is an additional resource that provides an engaging and informational interface that helps students develop research skills.

Our goal is to support students, parents, and teachers with their instructional needs, as well as to assist students in developing information literacy skills: determining what information they need, locating it, checking its validity, and using it most effectively.

Here are some links that may be helpful:

Educational Resource Materials

Instructional funds may be used to request approved materials and materials from approved vendors in cases where the materials are not available in the Curriculum Resource Center. Materials purchased with instructional funds may not contain any religious content. (See the Board Policy HERE.)

Purchasing Curricula and Resource Materials

Consumable and Non-Consumables

Consumables are materials that can be used only once. Consumables that have been used do not need to be returned. Examples of consumables include:

  • Supplies such as paper, pencils, paint, etc.
  • Project Kits such as "Science in a Nutshell," anatomy kits, boats, etc.
  • Workbooks — those a student writes in

Non-consumables are materials that can be used over and over again. Non-consumables must be returned. Examples of non-consumables are:

  • Teacher Editions
  • Textbooks
  • Manipulatives
  • Microscopes
  • Globes
  • Educational games, videos
Receiving Materials

You will receive materials either directly or through your ST.

Instruction Provided by Vendors

Horizon Charter Schools have an extensive list of approved vendors. Services include instruction in enrichment activities such as martial arts, dance, art, voice lessons, horseback riding, etc., as well as tutoring for academic subjects.

Group Activities and Field Trips

Each Area Coordinator sets up family activities to enhance community-based learning. Check our website for the schedules and registration information. Parents may also arrange for parent-guided educational activities that enhance and support their children's educational goals.

Here are some links that may be helpful:

For more information about this program and direct access to the Site Administrator please call 916.408.5113.

What They're Saying

It has been rewarding to observe the value of a personalized approach in the education of Horizon students.

— Jennifer Carroll
Regional Administrator




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