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Student Enrichment Opportunities

Horizon Charter Schools are committed to helping families use the entire community as their classroom.

There is a wide selection of enrichment opportunities available through our schools that provide academic support in addition to standard home-based instruction. These learning opportunities for students generally involve the services of another qualified instructor or business in the community and include Tutoring, field trips, and Small Group Instruction (SGI).

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Community Vendors

Please note: the following PDF documents are under constuction. Thank you for your patience.

  • Auburn Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 1)
  • Roseville/Rocklin Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 2)
  • Roseville/Sacramento Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 3)
  • Sacramento/Rancho Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 4)
  • Elk Grove/Sacramento Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 5)
  • Placerville/El Dorado Area Vendor List (PDF) (Region 6)

Small Group Instruction (SGI)

SGI is provided for students through area classes. SGI classes are organized for currently enrolled students and held in various geographical areas. Classes are small (usually 10–15 students). A strong focus is placed on core academic subjects and college prep; however, electives, music, and art enrichment courses are also available. Each area has a unique offering of classes which have developed from the interests and needs of the community. Courses are designed to support the parents and Supervising Teachers (STs) in meeting the educational goals of students. These options can offer additional help in subjects with which the student is struggling, or enrich and supplement the student's learning by providing courses focused on the state standards.

Please note: the following PDF documents are under constuction. Thank you for your patience.

  • Auburn (PDF)
  • Roseville/Rocklin (PDF)
  • Elk Grove (PDF)
  • Placerville (PDF)

Tutoring is an intensive instruction with a one to one instructor to student ratio. Tutoring is available for core academic subjects or college prep subjects. This includes math, science, English, language arts, history/social science, and college prep subjects.

Field Trips, Group Educational Activities, and Parent Guided Educational Activities

Field trips are an option available to support families to utilize the entire community as the classroom. Group Educational Activities (GEAs) or Parent Guided Educational Activities (PGEAs) are designed to enhance and support the educational goals of students. These include, but are not limited to: admission fees, enrichment and community involvement activities, and supplemental core subject exploration.

Parent guided activities/field trips allow each family to schedule field trips that coincide with their students' studies. There is a list of vendors that are already set up to allow one or more students from the same family to do a field trip. GEAs/field trips are organized for a large group of students and are open school wide. These events are set up by school staff and the information shared school wide via email, website, and/or flyers provided to STs to give to families, and/or posted at regional facilities.





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