Special Education

 Horizon Charter Schools' (HCS) Special Education programs are committed to the educational success of students who have disabilities. Horizon provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of students eligible for Special Education services.

We are proud of the quality special education services that are provided by HCS. Committed, talented, and energetic teachers, psychologists, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and administrators serve students with disabilities in the schools. Our special education program is carefully coordinated with the general education program. The following underlying assumptions guide the organization and provision of special education in HCS

1. Special education is a service that should be brought to the students in the typical environments in which they would be educated if they did not have a disability.
2. Students with disabilities should have exposure to the rich curricular, instructional, and social opportunities of the general education system.
3. Students with disabilities should be held to rigorous academic standards.
4. Accountability for meaningful progress is a commitment we take very seriously.
5. Families are essential partners in making educational decisions for students.

Before a child can receive special education services, an assessment of the child's needs must be conducted. Written parental consent is required before the assessment can begin. Following assessment of the student, an Individual Education Program (IEP) team meeting will be conducted to review the results of the testing and to determine whether the student is eligible for special education.
Students with disabilities in Horizon Charter Schools receive a full range of appropriate services, both in the general education setting and in pull out small groups or individual instruction. This system of inclusive education is dependent upon strong working relationships between general and special education and full support from all administrators.

Procedural Safeguards

Parents who disagree with the district's identification, assessment or provision of a free and appropriate public education for an individual with special needs have the right to request a due process hearing. Directions for requesting a due process hearing are available at the special education office of each school district. Additional parent rights are distributed at the time of a special education referral, assessment or at meetings of the IEP team. Directions for requesting a due process hearing are also available by contacting special education staff.

Complaint Procedures

Federal and state laws provide that any individual, public agency or organization may file a written complaint with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction alleging a school district has failed to follow laws governing special education and related services.

If parents believe that their child's special education program rights may have been violated, they are encouraged to contact their school district's special education department. The parent may also contact the County Office of Education or the California Department of Education Complaint Division at (800) 926-0648 or (916) 445-4632. All complaints must be in writing.

Stacy Wursten 916-408-5200 Ext. 5189
Special Education Analyst
Theresa Woolley 916-408-5200 Ext. 5186
Special Education Analyst

Helpful Links:
Placer County Office of Education http://www.placercoe.k12.ca.us/Pages/default.aspx

California Department of Education http://www.cde.ca.gov/index.asp

Warmline http://www.warmlinefrc.org/

Alta Regional http://www.altaregional.org/

Network for a healthy California http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/CPNS/Pages/default.aspx

• Understanding Special Education http://www.horizoncharterschools.org/images/pdf/understanding_the_special_education_process.pdf
•  ParentResources


504 Plans

 It is the policy of Horizon Charter Schools to identify and evaluate students with disabilities who might need 504 accommodations.

Students may be disabled and entitled to services under Section 504 even though they are not eligible for services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Under Section 504, parents/guardians of a student with disabilities have the right to: Receive written notice of Horizon Charter Schools’ actions regarding the identification, evaluation, and/or educational placement of their child who has, or is suspected of having a disability; Examine all relevant records regarding their child and obtain copies of those records at reasonable costs; Request an impartial hearing if they disagree with their child’s identification, evaluation, or Section 504 plan, with opportunity for participation in the hearing and representation by an attorney the parents’/guardians’ expense (with reimbursement for attorney's fees only as authorized by law); and a review of the decision of the impartial hearing office in federal court.

 For more information about services for students with disabilities or a copy of the Horizon Charter Schools Section 504 policies and procedures for referral and evaluation, please contact Horizon Charter Schools. For further information about Section 504 or for assistance with requesting an impartial hearing, should you disagree with Section 504 decisions regarding your child, please contact us at 916-408-5200.








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