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At-Risk Students (Excel)

Excel is for students who have struggled educationally and not experienced success.

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Who might be a good candidate: If you have a GPA below 1.50, are significantly behind in credits, or have failed the CAHSEE, you may qualify.

What personal qualities will be needed to be successful: The successful student is someone who will take responsibility for their own education, maintain communication with their teacher, and arrive on time for all scheduled meetings.

What outcomes can I expect: Success depends on you. We will provide the opportunity but you are the critical part of the equation.

What are the next steps: Please discuss possible eligibility with your Supervising Teacher (ST).

Description: Excel was developed for students who have, for a variety of reasons, failed to make progress in traditional school placements. Teachers focus on careful selection of curriculum and assist students to be better organized, demonstrate improved study habits, learn to understand the importance of dedicated effort, and become more resilient to the stress of adolescent life.

Excel is intended to prepare secondary students identified as being at high risk of academic failure to develop and demonstrate self-responsibility, applied academic skills and knowledge, appropriate behavior, and postsecondary career readiness resulting in high school graduation.

Students will be referred  by Regional Administrators upon enrollment. Every student will have an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) developed that focuses on the targeted academic needs in addition to a Fall and Spring Master Agreement that defines the independent course of study.

Students will meet once weekly with highly qualified teachers one-on-one or in small groups.  The Supervising Teacher will work with students who are credit deficient to develop a plan of recovery to help them graduate on time.

A Supervising Teacher (ST) will also oversee and support electives, enrichment experiences (as appropriate), and career preparation opportunities (e.g., ROP, internships, work experience). The ST will also provide regular, individualized follow up with the student and parent/guardian.

High Risk Indicators:

  • Credit deficient by 50 or more units
  • Record of serious discipline issues (e.g., expulsion, suspension for violence)
  • Record of prior incarceration
  • Record of high absenteeism and/or prior truancy (25% or more truancy)
  • Low GPA: 1.5 or lower
  • Record of serious depression (e.g., self-abusive behaviors)
  • Recommendation of prior School Attendance Review Board
  • Did not pass the CAHSEE

For more information and direct access to the Excel Program Coordinator, please call 800.338.8019 x 2.

What They're Saying

Horizon has a very special place in the lives of so many people, giving them the opportunity to educate in the way that is best for their personal situation and needs.

— Ross Hougham
HCSEF 2010 Scholarship Winner




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