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October Board Meeting Agenda

October 9, 2014, 4:00pm, 2800 Nicolas Rd, #100, Lincoln



Guidance Department Invitation

The Guidance Department will soon be inviting all high school students who have participated in a volunteer service activity in the past year to apply for a 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Deadline for students to submit applications is November 4,2014.

September Board Meeting Agenda Amended

September 11, 2014, 4:00 p.m.: 2800 Nicolaus Road #100, Lincoln


Opening Of New Learning Center

The opening of a new Learning Center

Horizon Charter Schools Own Rosa Beach

Mrs Celina Rodriguez, a former anchorwoman for CNN and Telemundo interviews Horizon Charter School Virtual educator, Mrs Rosa Beach on her radio program "Buenos Dias, Celina" on Digital Education.

Celina introduces Rosa as an innovative educator, a pioneer professional and former professor who has extensive teaching experience at the university and public schools. At present, she is the chair of the Spanish Department and teaching courses online at the Virtual Learning Program at Horizon Charter Schools, a model school in Northern California.


Horizon Charter Schools Own Rosa Beach Interviewed on "Buenos Dias Celina" Radio

Mrs Celina Rodriguez, a former anchorwoman for CNN and Telemundo interviews Horizon Charter School Virtual educator, Mrs Rosa Beach on her radio program "Buenos Dias, Celina" on Digital Education.

Celina introduces Rosa as an innovative educator, a pioneer professional and former professor who has extensive teaching experience at the university and public schools.  At present, she is the chair of the Spanish Department and teaching courses online at the Virtual Learning Program at Horizon Charter Schools, a model school in Northern California.

Rosa shares with the audience educational terms used for digital education such as, blended, hybrid, face-to-face and other methods used in online education. She also describes a
virtual classroom in which is free of paper, but surrounded with other
resources such as e-books, recordings, videos, e-boards, laptops, microphones,  and other instructional materials available nowadays to support quality learning.  

In addition, Rosa speaks about how parents and students can benefit from online classes because of the flexible schedule. They can take classes at home or in any place with a computer and internet service. If a student misses a class, he/she can watch the recordings pertaining to the
lessons and will submit assignments online.

Rosa proudly speaks about her students at her virtual classes, who are very academic oriented,  talented and eager to succeed. They are motivated in taking classes virtually because they want a flexible schedule, small classes and to feel safe.

Rosa cautions parents that they should verify that schools have proper accreditation and
meet educational standards.  This way, courses taken online can be acceptable and transferable to colleges or universities in the future.


Horizon Graduate Featured on America's Got Talent

Tosha Hanford is a recent graduate from Horizon Charter School, and her group of six ice skaters/aerialists recently auditioned for America's Got Talent.

Tosha and "Aerial Ice" are hoping to "spread the word" about her group
to garner interest and support, and to help when the time comes for America to vote.

Those that would like to support Aerial Ice, can tweet to the following, to let judges know you support a former Horizon graduate.

 Tweet 'Make Aerial Ice the Wildcard' 

Tweets should be addressed to the following:






The 19th Annual "College: Making It Happen!" Event

The Saturday, April 13, 2013 program, being held at Sacramento State is a collaborative effort with Los Rios Community College District, US Davis Undergraduate Admissions and Early Academic Outreach Program, Sacramento Cal-SOAP Consortium, Breakthrough Sacramento, ScholarShare, and other community and educational organizations. This program is intended to help reaffirm the message that college preparation begins many years before the final year in high school, and that college planning is a family affair.

For more information and how to register, click here or contact Ondria Chappel: 916.278.2481 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Horizon Vendor Search Tool!

December 11th,2012

Parents are now able to go to our school website and search for field trips, service vendors and curriculum vendors by keyword search, zip code, and distance. You can see an entire list of vendors by category or choose to search by keyword or zip code preference.

We hope that these changes in response to parent request will make it much easier to find the field trip activity, service vendor or curriculum vendor that will best serve your student's needs.

To see the new vendor search tool please visit our homepage and use the parent information drop down menu.

Need Money For College?

November 15th, 2012

Looking for money for college? Check out this link:, is a free resource and you can register for email notifications when scholarships are posted so you don't miss a deadline. You can also download a copy of their newsletter. These are not loans that have to be repaid so don't let finances (or the lack of them) stop you from reaching your goals! Go online today and take a positive step toward your future.

iPad Drawing Winner Announced

November 14, 2012

ipadwinner121113smallColter Gray is the latest winner in Horizon's Apple iPad drawing and arrived with his family at the main Administrative offices in Lincoln this morning to celebrate.

This fantastic young man is in the second grade and is assigned to ST Marianne Hansen. Colter explained to the group of fifteen staff that he was so excited when he heard last week that he was the winner that he could hardly think of anything else. Colter's name was picked from over one thousand names of new students that had enrolled since February 16th,2012. His dream is to become an animator for the Disney corporation and we hope that this award will contribute in some small way to his career success.

Colter's parents and sister spoke about how appreciative they were for the award and how proud they are of his dedication and school success. The family has had other children in Horizons and have been thrilled with the school wide emphasis on personalized learning.

All in attendance were impressed and spoke about how proud they were of this young man.

New Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Cynthia Verdugo Wood. Dr. Wood

MAY 25, 2012

It is my true pleasure to announce that we have a new Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Cynthia Verdugo Wood. Dr. Wood is not new to many of you, since she served Horizon for several years and left a deep and favorable impression on many people. And I can truly say that Horizon has never left her heart. With a long and distinguished career in education, Cynthia has numerous accomplishments that would be difficult to compress into a brief email, including experience as a teacher, principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Educational Services, Regional Manager, and Superintendent. Most importantly, she has a true passion for fostering the unique educational mission which distinguishes Horizon: a focus on high academic achievement combined with personalized learning and parental choice.

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Cynthia Verdugo Wood and look forward to welcoming her to Horizon on June 4th.

I also wish to mention and highlight our exceptional Classified employees. This week is National Classified Employees Week, and the value of each and every Classified employee at Horizon cannot be overstated. We have been updating job descriptions to reflect all that they do, and the task is not easy, because we have so many who are "above and beyond" in their approach to service. Please take a moment to thank them as you see them helping and working so hard for Horizon.

On this last day of school, I reflect that this has been an extraordinary year. But I have a deeper certainty than ever that Horizon will be soaring to ever greater heights. It has been my privilege to serve you this school year, and I look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.

Have a truly wonderful summer.
Craig Heimbichner

Teachers Who Make a Difference!

Three of Horizon's teachers have been honored by the Placer County Charter Administrators. During a ceremony held in Auburn on Monday, May 7 at The Ridge Golf Course, Horizon teachers Joan Oakes, Annette Darling, and Donat Brice were recognized as Teachers Who Make a Difference. 

Joan Oakes Joan Oakes is thorough, efficient, and seeks to make learning fun and interesting as she conducts hands-on experiments and organizes field trips for her students to enjoy. She communicates well with her students and parents and goes the extra mile to help them be successful. She is a team player and an outstanding teacher. We are grateful to have her as part of our Rocklin Academy of Math, Science and Engineering.


Annette Darling Annette Darling has made a difference with Horizon Charter Schools. Se began the first Transition Program and has done so with compassion toward students, parents, and staff. She is able to motivate students with words of encouragement and understanding and instill a love for learning in her students by providing them with ample opportunities for success. Annette brings to life the words teachers live by, "all children can learn."


Don BriceDonat Brice has made a very positive impact on the school campus this year. He is a caring teacher who encourages students to reach their potential. Don always puts students first and is truly making a difference.




Other Announcements

Horizon Charter Schools named among the top 25 high schools in the Sacramento area based on SAT scores by the Sacramento Business Journal! See the entire article by clicking  here.

Horizon is pleased to announce that families will see a significant increase in student funding for the 2012/2013 school year.

All new students enrolling in Horizon by October 31st will automatically be entered in a drawing for a new IPad 2 tablet computer! See Details »

Sacramento Leadership Program (SLP) is hosting an Open House on April 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 1909 Seventh Street in Sacramento. For more information, contact the Program Administrator, JaDene Jones, at 1.800.338.8019 ext. 5.


Writing Contest Winners Announced

Horizon Charter Schools are pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2012 Essay Writing Contest. 1st place winner is ST John Staley's 9th grader Lindsey Rogers ($250 Target gift card), and 2nd place winner is ST Laura Kelley's 8th grader Lindsey Henricksen ($100 gift card).

Both girls submitted 100-word essays on "Why I Love Horizon" which are viewable below. Congratulations Lindsey and Lindsey! Way to go! Congratulations also to the parents and STs who worked together with these students to help them achieve academically and personally. Great teamwork!

2nd Place Essay by Lindsey Henricksen
I love Horizon because I have the freedom to be me. I have choices in the ways I can learn. Since I think "outside-the-box", this works really well for me. Whether I'm studying Algebra in my awesome virtual learning class; watching Discovery Education streaming videos so I understand Social Studies better; making a creative lapbook on the Periodic Table of Elements; or just reading my textbooks, I'm learning what I need to know. I love homeschooling with Horizon because learning is exciting and fun, and I still have time for guitar and horseback riding lessons!

1st Place Essay by Lindsey Rogers
Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, "Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education." As exhibited in this quote, intelligence is not only found through the reading of text books, but also through life lessons. Horizon Charter is where we see this approach to teaching put into practice.  Teachers encourage students to reach for their best and achieve high goals, while also developing character through pursuing excellence. As students of Horizon, we have the opportunity to use a variety of curriculums and to use funds in which we can further our education and be well-prepared for our futures.


What They're Saying

It has been rewarding to observe the value of a personalized approach in the education of Horizon students.

— Jennifer Carroll
Regional Administrator




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